A drawing marking out sight-lines from the roof canopy of Brighton Station to the Pier
Urban Hiker Trails – these three walkways connect the Laines, the Clock Tower and the Royal Pavilion
Short film of the history of Brighton Hippodrome
The different elements of Destination Hippodrome, have all been mapped to form a time-line of a walk through the building.
The interior zones of the Hippodrome are highlighted on images of the existing interior
Circulation plan showing the parabolic curves used to create the form of the walkway, and initial sketches
Section through the building, facing southwards. To the right is the existing entrance and to the left is the stage and fly-tower
The walkway travels across four levels of the Hippodrome, giving an urban hiking experience
Plans showing the location of the three interior viewing platforms along the walkway
From the rooftop of the Hippodrome visitors will have beautiful views out to the sea and back across Brighton's roofscape
Destination Hippodrome - A Walk Through History