‘Covid Choreographed’ – Movement & Creative Conversations
‘Covid Choreographed’ – Creative Conversations and Film Collage (photo credit Miguel Amortegui)
Distance Dance Study – filmed in one take - cohesiveness sought by synchrony of movement. Each dancer was invited to create a piece expressing their experience of Covid-19. Both responded to each other in a second section. Detailed timings and choreography was determined prior to filming on Zoom.  Movement responded to music in sentences clearly divided and timed.
‘Then Let’s keep Dancing’ and ‘Isadora’ (Duncan) 2020 - charcoal and Conte Carre on paper, W420 x H594 mm
Choreographic working drawings, November 2020
Devising – words, sketches & ‘Viewpoints’ Technique
The second section of the film (Zoom frames) was conceived for 3 solos - we had to adapt! The first dancer was asked to create a piece using the top half of her body only. The second dancer was to respond, using the bottom half of his body only. This to create a cohesive ‘whole’ from the two bottom and top halves side by side in film form - hence the arms in pockets of the second dancer (my son), who rebelled and freed his arms. We are under enough limitations so I decided to incorporate the change. Movement responded to music in Part I, whereas  in Part II music responded to movement and was added once the piece was complete.
‘A Leap of Faith’ 2019 - graphite on paper - & ‘Dance Deprived’ 2020 - ink on card.