An early synthesis piece that later became the ‘refer-to’ of decision making and allowed me to inhabit the spaces in my mind’s eye (and ideally that of others).
Impractical and improbable...but not impossible and this is what drew me to this specific site. It was an island of dubious stillness in an area constantly in motion.
A Certain Visceral Tactility; a seemingly farrago of material and structural systems. The basic aesthetic for the design.
A measured analysis of the interior of an 19th century train carriage
As does the Ancient Greek deity Atlas hold up the earth, so too will (in diminutive) several Atlantes here show the support system of the Agora
The Carriage ‘Plus’ system of inhabitation is about adding features that aren't already in the traditional carriage system.
Carriage ‘Minus’ Method is a deconstructed carriage layer on the exterior, the intact carriage on the interior and the insulation between the two.
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This section seeks to detail more defined spaces from the perspective: East//West. Each carriage is self contained in its own programme while still maintaining a whole system
Ironically, it was from this seemingly distressed collage that my proposal became fully realised to me.
Sectional model of the proposal
I, the Custodian.
A 3x3x3 metre space that contains all that I could need while working there. It seems in creating this I have made myself both designer and caretaker of the design.
While this drawing is not to any measured scale, I'd like to think it is a rather universal ‘human’ scale as the size is shown through means of inhabitation