Collaborative family pot. 100% recycled waste material. Work in progress, investigating the possibility of attachment and ownership. 2020.
Remembering cat kill. 100% recycled waste clay and seeds. Work in progress, small scale maquettes for a larger idea related to green burials, 2020.
Trying to understand why some people keep things and others throw things away. 100% recycled waste materials. Work in progress, 2020.
100% recycled waste material including reclaimed waste glaze. 27cm x 20cm. An exercise in expanding the size of a vessel made from waste, 2020.
Hoarder's plate. 100% recycled waste material. 24cm diameter. Thinking about why people keep on collecting as well as testing out new techniques, 2020.
Test piece, slip-casting with heavy grog. 100% recycled waste materials. 10cm x 6cm, 2020.
Grogged test piece. 100% recycled waste materials. 18cm x 8cm. Challenging the amount of fired waste it is possible to include in a vessel, 2020.
Hand built ollas with different waste material bodies. Being tested for porosity. 2019.
Olla in real life testing phase. Buried alongside plants to provide water from below the surface, creating a stronger root system and saving water use, 2019.
Futures model. Creating a model from waste materials to explain a project about using waste ceramics to save wasting resources, especially water, 2019.