Three distinct iterations showing tests for different strategies for the interior of the Hippodrome, each inspired by a specific precedent focussing on collaborative spaces.
The drawing illustrates the ground floor, featuring two islands and a central open space. The use of pen and pencil sketches has been used to convey the moving/flexible elements within the design.
This exploded isometric of the Hippodrome Cultural Hub locates all insertions planned for UKCoC. Also seen is how the booth structures are all reconfigurations of the same space.
A series of inhabited sections looks at four key spaces within the Hippodrome Cultural Hub.
Throughout UKCoC events will be held every month for one year. In February Artists Month is held and shown in the drawing is a re-use class happening in the fixed Art and Craft Booths.
In May Foodies Festival livens up the fixed Food and Beverage Booths. You can see the application of waste used as a skin and being converted into mobile stools and tabletops.
Sketches drawn throughout this project explore structure, spaces, booth design, spatial/programmatic thoughts, movement and insertions.