'Bringing The Circus To Life'- This drawing shows the performance space inserted into the Hippodrome, full of activity from the performers and audience
A fragment of the performance space showing the spectacle and busyness of the future circus show
A closer look at the man-powered mechanisms which pump and circulate the polluted Brighton air in order to filter and clean it.
A walkthrough the main performance space. Highlighting some of the key views the audience will capture as they walking through, such as a glimpse of a hand balancer on one of the suspended platforms.
Mode One: Air Purification. GIF showing how the different man powered mechanisms are operated to filter the polluted air.
Mode Two: The Performance. GIF showing the circus performance at the Hippodrome where the acts perform on suspended platforms controlled by pulley systems.
Expanding and contracting paper models, testing different paper patterns which create different forms
Flexi pods: Hybrid drawing showing the pop-up pods latching onto the side of existing thresholds, growing when the pride event is in the city, allowing event goers to occupy the pods