A series of drawings exploring the story of Wayne McGregor’s ballet Infra. This technique included describing tone and vibration through visual representation using a variety of mark making.
A map depicting a derive through the Streets of Brighton, focusing on pockets of interstitial space. Locating site for Installation of Plastic Rehabilitation Centre.
Concept sketches, visualising some of the interior features of the Plastic Rehabilitation Centre.
A hand drawn perspective, visualising the installation of Extinction Rebellions Totem. Built from sustainable plastic concrete, copper and ice, it evokes the tactile elements of climate change.
A Section through EXHORT, a temporary structure built for the Members of Extinction Rebellion to inhabit at the Festival of Britain 2022. Focusing of elements of Protest Architecture.
A perspective of the exterior of the EXHORT Pavilion.
A perspective from inside the EXHORT workshop. Where members of Extinction Rebellion and the public can participate in the construction of items such as flags and banners.
A perspective, visualising what the EXHORT Pavilion and Festival infrastructure will be left as.The steel framework will be left, so it can be used as a base to future designs post festival.